Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Splash of Neon

Neon is back! It doesn't even seem that long when neon was in and dressing as if you were from the 80's was a big trend. Looking back now that was probably the worst trend ever. Any-who, neon is in but thankfully, it doesn't mean walking around in neon tights and oversized shirts, but to be worn in splashes.
When wearing an all-black outfit, add an accessory of neon, whether it be shoes, a necklace, bag or blazer. It's very stylish and you're bound to stand out.

Images from Pinterest

Thursday, 18 April 2013


I would have thought plaid was for school or was a popular item of clothing for many subculture groups, I have been seeing it being worn a lot, whether it be a plaid jacket or dress. Nevertheless, you won't see me complaining. There is something about tartan and plaid that I have always liked since my 'punk' phase that I went through very briefly. 

Preppy plaid cape. Love

Not sure if she is going to Constance (school from Gossip Girl) or work.
But still love the look.

Aria, my favourite of the 4 girls, pulling off 3 different patterns, one of them being plaid.
I take my hat off to the stylist for managing to pull that off. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fall Trend: Navy

One of the biggest trends this season is navy!
 Mila Kunis wearing the trend elegantly
 Love the combination of navy and red, also shown below

Images are not mine and are from Pinterest

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How to wear: midi skirt

Thanks to my good friend Pinterest, I have images of examples on how to wear the new trend: midi skirts. 
Pair with a sweater and boots and you have a perfect outfit for Autumn

Do it up with a pair of classic heels

Back In Time

Each decade, shorts and skirts get shorter, shirts become tighter and younger girls dress older, until it had come to the point to where clothing is barely clothing at all, but instead they appear to be denim underwear with unnecessary body parts on complete display for the world to see and slightly (emphasis on slightly) less revealing bra's (bralets).
And so then we wonder, what next? Are the 2010's going to be the new Adam and Eve style era? Will our birthday suits be the next new trend? No.
In fact, fashion is going backwards. Common trends right now are the midi skirts (skirts that reach your knee or lower). Even maxi skirts were big this summer. Blazers too are a big trend as they create a feminine but modest and sophisticated look.
It's no longer, "if you got it, flaunt it", instead it's, "less is more". 

Classy is the new trend. Get amongst it.

Monday, 8 April 2013


Layering is a big trend this fall/winter. It can be a tricky trend to pull off but when mastered it looks very stylish, as well as keeping you warm on the colder days.

Above is an absolutely divine example of this trend.
So try this: buttoned up shirt, sweater, paired with a skirt or shorts and stockings. Add a coat/jacket and/or scarf. Wallah.


My favourite season, Autumn, is here, for who can not love the colours of the leaves as they change, and the other things that Autumn brings; sweaters, long socks, hot tea and cuddling. But, if you live in Perth as I do, you would have noticed that mother nature down under has not quite caught up. Nevertheless, the chilli days will come and the leaves will fall, and I will have this seasons' trends waiting here for you.