Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Okay, so...

I just finished the draft to my third novel.
It’s not nearly as exciting as finishing my first had been and my second, well, I don’t even like to talk about my second. 
Anyway, I thought to become a writer all I had to do was write my own manuscript. So I spent almost the entire year of 2015 working on my first novel every day, getting more and more excited as I neared the end. 
Turns out it’s not. So maybe that is where my lack of excitement for my third novel has come from. 

Now, I never expected much to come out of it. Although, to be able to tell people I’ve been published and that I achieved my life-long dream of becoming an actual writer (emphasis on life-long) would be bloody amazing. But Australian Publishing Companies aren’t looking for any ‘unsolicited manuscripts’, agents are very expensive and it would cost me $4,000 alone to have it edited. 
I don’t want to seem like I’m ranting or anything. I’m sure I am not the only writer in Australia trying to make it as something, anything. And I guess if dreams were easy to achieve, they wouldn’t exactly be called dreams now would they?

So, in conclusion, I have decided to give my manuscript out to people or anyone willing to read it at no cost. Because truth is, I don’t want to be the next John Green (although that would be sick) and I don’t want to make millions of money like J. K. Rowling. I just want to inspire. And sometimes not even exactly inspire; but for people to read my writing and say, “wow, I never thought about it that way” or, “you put into words exactly how I feel”. 
So, if you’re an aspiring editor perhaps, or maybe you’ve been following my blog for some time now and you are interested in having a peek to see what this lunatic managed to come up with, email me at or alternatively, pop your email in the comments and I’ll send a copy through of my first novel, Tesselate.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Puppy vs Girlfriend

My best friend just got a puppy. He’s a little shit. An adorable little shit, but a little shit nonetheless.
The above picture was taken during the 0.04% of the day
where he was actually calm

My dog, Millie, who I love and adore so very much, is four years old and I had forgotten just how much work a puppy is. And strangely I thought, so is having a girlfriend.

Whilst getting angry at Hugo, my friend’s puppy, for craving so much attention and being just generally annoying, I realized that I have most likely come across to other people the same way. In fact, I think a lot of girls do.

Then I began listing points in my head at how having these two different things, a puppy and a girlfriend, are quite similar.

Number One: puppies need a lot of attention. When left alone or abandoned, they often get very upset and may even cry. Girlfriend’s need a lot of attention.

Number Two: puppies love belly rubs. Girlfriend’s love belly rubs.

Number Three: if you have something, the puppy must also have it. This is mostly so with food, but need I say more?

Number Four: your puppy has the entire other half of the bed but it only wants the half that you're on?
Number Five: puppy's leave a trail of mess behind them, from ripped up toys, socks to wet puddles. Similarly, girlfriend's will leave a trail of bobby pins and make up in their wake.
Number Six: they're always hungry.
Number Seven: they're both great for cuddling.
Number Eight: they both shed a shitload of hair.
In conclusion, puppy's are not very different from girlfriends. So, if you're feeling lonely, you might as well just get a puppy. Plus, they don't complain nearly half as much as a girlfriend so that definitely deserves some points.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Apologies For the Neglect

As per usual, life catches up with me and I proceed to neglect you blog.

It was easy to write all the time when I was jobless, however lucky enough to have money saved so that I could have a relaxing three month holiday. But now I have a serious job that I both love and sometimes hate, have more friends than I can keep up with and an A+ social life. Go me!
A lot has changed since my last post. A lot. And luckily I’m happy. I feel a major sense of freedom and if I thought I was independent before, now I really am. I even went to Ikea on my own, purchased a whole heap of furniture and actually enjoyed it. I also managed to fit large boxes of furniture into my car without any assistance. I struggled, was sweating quite a bit and would have given quite an entertaining show to anyone watching but, I did it (although I was so relieved when I got my bookcase in my car I drove off without my mirror).

I have now officially moved out of home. God knows how I am going to fund my shopping addiction now, but that’s okay, because I’m out of a home I never truly accepted as my own, to a place where I can be myself and do as I please. Woo!
My house mate and I have also begun our lounge room from scratch. We are so very proud of how it is coming along so far and I’ll be sure to post an image once it’s done. In order to celebrate, we are hosting a small cocktail party. I joked that we should put a red ribbon up on the doorway and cut it together with scissors to be very dramatic (wasn’t really joking).

I was two years late of getting my license. It’s embarrassing now driving around with red P plates and seeing people the same age as me look down on me and try to avoid me on the road. But better late than never. I had all these ideas in my head of what I would do once I got my license. I intended on going on lone adventures, finding cool places to write stories and intended to take my dog everywhere. But fuel is expensive, my dog gets hair everywhere and I find myself too lazy to often go for a drive without having any sense of direction of where I’m going.
I’m not complaining though. It beats the bus for sure. And my younger sister by one year who I am deeply close with, lives too far for us to see each other more than a handful of times a year. Having my license has changed that and it is beginning to feel like we are the close friend’s we were when we were younger. Instead of reminiscing about memories like we usually do, we’re making more.

The above is a picture of my sister (right) and my friend. One of my sister and I's hobbies include watching the reactions when we tell people that. We have the same dad, different mother’s. As you can see her mother is Indian and my mother, well, is not. We’re very proud of this difference though. We’re not your average sisters that’s for sure.
The picture was taken at Groovin’ the Moo which I promised myself I would dedicate a whole post to, but never ended up getting around to it. Hopefully next year.
But the day was great. My sister and I spent it mostly on our own after losing our friends but we ran around and danced together without a care in the world. We definitely made some memories.
Left, sister. Right, me.

Now, wherever and whoever you are, I hope life is treating you as well as it is to me. I know that this won’t last. Things always end up going south, good things rarely last and I don’t doubt many aspects of my life will blow up straight back in my face. But for the moment, this moment, I hope you’re as happy as I am. Just got to remember to enjoy it while it lasts.