Thursday, 20 April 2017

13 Reasons Why

My post isn't about the show I know you have all watched and don't need a recap because the memes on Facebook are there for that.
I am here to discuss the reaction from the viewers of the TV show I finished within 2 days of airing and counted down the days until it was on Netflix.

I am finding a lot of people, myself at times, and my boyfriend included, discussing how bad of a character that Hannah was.
A) she left her parents without even a goodbye
B) she didn't reach out hard enough to people for help
C) and she was hurt by Clay because he didn't confess his love that she knew very well was there.

I agree that she did these things and they were not right. But was she a bad person? 

Overall in the television series, I thought that she was a very relatable and down to Earth character. I admit that it took me a while to connect with her, but then when I did, I found similarities in the both of us.
In fact, I think most girls can relate to her. Because she isn't this quiet girl who hides in the corner feeling depressed. She was funny. Fun. She was normal.

And yet even though she was a representation of many girls all mixed into one, people are hating her because she didn't do enough?


Of course we would think that because we know what Hannah's inevitable fate is. 

And maybe, just maybe, she was portrayed in this exact light, because if you were to experience what she did, you would probably act the same way wouldn't you? You would shut people out, ignore it and hope it goes away. You would think that if someone was so quick to think so badly of you, then they probably don't even deserve to be in your life, correct? You would try to be as tough as she was.

I don't think it was just the act of bullying and the harm it can cause that this series wanted to shine light on. I think it was also the behavior of Hannah or the victim; the behavior that many people in her situation, feeling similar things, feels and does. 
It is to remind us that everyone has someone who loves them and parents who care. And seeing how they all feel post-tragedy with the loss of their beloved Hannah, it is so we ask ourselves if we could ever put someone through the same thing. It is so we don't do the same thing that Hannah did, despite how much easier it may be. 

Dig deeper people. 

Monday, 17 April 2017

T-Minus 70 Days Until Take Off

My sister and I are doing something different. Not. 

We are doing what just about everyone else I know has done last year or intend to do the same time that I do, and that is going to Europe. 

And if you think that just because our trip has already been done and completed by many people that we know and know if is going to stop or limit our excitement for this once in a lifetime trip, then think again. 

Because our trip is not just a holiday. And no it is not some soul searching journey that we will somehow find at the bottom of pints and shot glasses; it's a dream. It's something my sister and I had been planning since we 10. Throughout high school my entire bedroom was covered in pictures of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Venice canals. 
I started saving when I was 14 years old in a jar I called 'paris'. However I only managed to save $30 in a year and unfortunately I eventually had to spend it. But I tried. 

We would both search images of the dreamy cities in Europe and I couldn't wait to finally watch Monte Carlo just to get a glimpse of the city I yearned to visit. 

So we made the decision last June, started planning and saving and paying for our trip one aspect at a time completely by ourselves (no help from the rents), and now only have to wait 70 days until our dream comes true. Together. 

So in the month of July I will not be writing much on here. Not that I have been posting often lately anyway (sorry), but I will be sure to keep a journal to transfer all that takes place in that month into the cyber world for you all to read. 

We can't wait for our contiki adventure. We decided to go with contiki so that most of the activities are planned out for us as I know that I will be to overwhelmed to think rationally. I am also so very glad to be going with my sister because she is strong grounded with a good head on her shoulders that will ensure we make the most of our days and don't get dragged into the party reputation that contiki so commonly has. 

I'll write another post stating the places that we go and the main activities that we do. I'd appreiaxiarw any feedback and advice on additional things to do in these places to ensure this trip is the best it can possibly be. 

70 days. I really can't believe it. 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Desperately in need a of a reset day... no week. Yes. A reset week.

Where I can pour out my creative ideas and write which I have had to suppress for the past few months due to tiredness, housing duties and work.

And as a result of this suppression, my creativity has been seeping from my pores in other forms. Pimples, for instance. And causing my emotions and reactions to act out in a strange and un-welcomed manner. 

But a reset week is off the cards because in approximately 80 days I will be on other side of the globe, or flat rock, roaming a country known as Europe. 

P.s here is me taking a photo with my dirty laundry as opposed to doing it. Adulting is hard